So Long, See You Tomorrow

Well, I guess it’s time to reflect. This will be my last post in this blog, and as also my exchange semester at the University of Agder is coming to an end, this has kind of a sad touch for me. Lets get it over with!

One of the goals I wanted to work towards was to improve my ability to present myself and my ideas digitally in the best manner. This goal consisted of two elements: the aspect about layout, and the one about identity.

Lets start with the layout: I was keen to learn how to find the right visual shape for what I want to say. One of the assignments of the course were concentrated on reshaping information and bringing it into a new form on a newly created webpage. I learned a lot in this process, especially because I was working with Eliska Zalabakova: We shared our knowledge on the topic and explored the possibilities at our hands. We also learned much about our deficits concerning layout, and found out which skills we have to improve. If you’d like to have a look at the result, feel free to click here.

The issue about identity, as I described them in my post Getting Started, still lingers in my mind. Can I say with a good conscience that I have a clearer image of how I want to depict myself and my personal concepts? I dare to answer this question in the affirmative. The image became clearer in the process of blogging, because I realized which side of my character I want to show when I looked at my posts after publishing them. I am not saying that I have found my identity – I would be happy to keep on searching until I am old and grey, because this also means that I will keep developing. Nonetheless, blogging was an important step on my way.

This expressed itself also in another side effect of my blogging activity: the simultaneous origin of my travel blog. When I started to write blog posts for Digital Presentation, I noticed how much pleasure I feel when presenting or discussing topics via a blog. The experience was close to writing a diary, because it takes place inside the informal setting of social media, instead the traditional pattern of a scientific paper. I had the feeling that my personal thoughts are just as important as all the professional opinions we dealt with in our course literature, because they were both equally present and relevant in my posts. Writing a blog gave me the sensation of actually creating content, not only quoting other people. Both an odd and a good feeling, and definitely new in my study career.

I am asking myself the question now: Is there something I’ll be focusing from now on, because we dealt with it in the course? And I can clearly say: Yes, there are several topics that especially succeeded to catch my attention. The major two are journalism and storytelling, and their present developments to a whole new medium due to their movement to the online sphere. I will definitely have a closer look on how online media are used to provide information. I found it extremely interesting to see the scope of possibilities in which stories – of a journalistic or a more creative nature – can be told. As my passion lies in the field of literature, I will try to use the new forms of narratives I got to know in my future studies.

So, this is the end. For now (you never know what might cross my eyes and could be worthy for yet another post). I am happy that you, dear reader, followed my blog, and I sincerely hope that you could use some of the aspects I shared and discussed for your own personal development. Enjoy your further travels through the jungle of the Web!


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